Crypto Seed Phrase
Storage Capsule

Safe. Secure. Metal Wallet Seed Backup.


Protect Your Cryptocurrency Investment

Hacker Proof

Store Your Keys Off-Line

If your private keys are being managed online, there’s a chance you could lose them due to hacking. If you are using a cold storage wallet your seed phrase is the master key that can recover your coins when your wallet fails or is lost. You need a safe, secure method to ensure that your Bitcoin are protected.

Take Control with the Crypto Seed Capsule™

The Crypto Seed Capsule allows you to take control of your keys, storing them in durable stainless steel so they are both protected from hackers and safe from unforeseen events like fires and extreme weather hazards.

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Rugged, Durable & Built to Last

Fire Proof Water Proof Impact Proof Shock Proof

The Crypto Seed Capsule is built to last. Constructed of a rugged, aluminum extrusion and durable 304 stainless steel the capsule is moisture and corrosion resistant; pressure and crush resistant; and electrical shock proof. In addition, the stainless steel seed strips can withstand extreme heat up to 2192 °F which is more than double the average house fire.

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Holds Up To 10 Keys

While most other products on the market only store two keys, the patent-pending Crypto Seed Capsule is designed to hold up to ten (10) keys, each on its own stainless steel strip. Each strip can hold a 12 word seed phrase of 4 characters each and up to 50 characters plus spaces in total. By simply using two strips (100 characters plus spaces in total) it can accommodate any 12, 18, 20, 24 & 25 word BIP39 recovery seed phrase.

Future-Proof & Mistake Proof
The capsule is both future-proof and mistake-proof. If your keys change or you make a mistake punching them you can purchase new strips at an economical cost.

Additional Storage for Valuables
There is also additional storage space inside the capsule for other valuables such as gold and silver coins; jewelry and documents.

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Holds 10 keys

Compatible with Almost Any Wallet

Trezor wallet Ledger wallet Exodus wallet Keepkey wallet

The Crypto Seed Capsule is compatible with all recovery seed phrase and key types including Hex, BIP39, Alphanumeric and most wallets.

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