How It Works

Holds Up to 10 Keys (500 Characters)

While most other products on the market only store two keys, the patent-pending Crypto Seed Capsule™ is designed to hold up to ten (10) keys, each on its own stainless steel strip. Each strip can hold a 12 word seed phrase of 4 characters each and up to 50 characters in total. By simply using two strips (100 characters in total) it can accommodate any 13, 18, 20, 24 & 25 word BIP39 recovery seed phrase.

Future-Proof & Mistake Proof
The capsule is both future-proof and mistake-proof. If your keys change or you make a mistake punching them you can purchase new strips for only $15.

Additional Storage for Valuables
There is also additional storage space inside the capsule for other valuables such as gold and silver coins; jewelry and documents. For safe-keeping the capsule is designed to fit in a standard 3” x 5” x 24” safe deposit box or a wide range of personal safes.

Crypto Seed Capsule Holds Up To 10 Keys


Use the metal letter stamping die kit (available as an option) to stamp your seed phrase words. You’ll also need a hammer – nothing fancy any kind will do.

With the Crypto Seed Capsule it’s easy to stamp your words. Just follow the 4 simple steps shown and listed below:

Step 1 – Insert a stainless steel seed phrase strip into the stamping guide block.

Step 2 – Position a metal letter stamping die in the center of the box on the stamping guide block. Then use a hammer to stamp the character into the stainless strip. Repeat until your entire recovery seed phrase is embossed into the strip.

Step 3 – Remove one of the end caps and insert the strips into side of capsule. Note: For extra security insert the strips with words facing inward so no one can read them.

Step 4 – Screw on the end cap to secure the strips in place.


Watch the video for a few tips on how to space your seed letters and words evenly on the stainless steel strips before inserting them into the capsule:

Letter Spacing – For optimum letter spacing on a seed word align the middle of the last letter in the word to the left side of the inner box.

Word Spacing – For spacing between seed words align the middle of the last letter in the word to the right side of the left outer box.