New, Affordable Cryptocurrency Seed Phrase Storage Solution Holds Up to 120 Words and is Easily Updated if Words Change

Crypto Seed Capsule Compatibility With Wallets

Scaletron Industries, Ltd., has introduced a new seed phrase storage device for the cryptocurrency market. The new Crypto Seed Capsule is a superior backup device for offline and off-grid storage of cryptocurrency recovery seed phrases without the use of a third-party. It allows users to take control of their keys, storing them in durable stainless steel so they are both protected from hackers and safe from unforeseen events like fires and extreme weather hazards.

Designed for easy and affordable storage of seed phrases and keys, the new patent-pending capsule holds up to 120 words; enough storage for 10 seed phrases of 12 words each. In addition, the capsule is both future-proof and mistake-proof allowing new phrases to be added at any time at an economical cost.

Ed Dougherty, Scaletron president, said the Crypto Seed Capsule was developed in response to a market need for a seed phrase storage solution that holds more words and that is easily updatable if needs change. Currently, the devices on the market are limited in the number of seed phrases they can hold and many also require you to purchase a completely new device if your seed words change. In Dougherty’s words, “We noticed that many of the devices available were limited to storing only two twelve word keys and in the case of metal plates that are stamped, if you made a mistake punching your words or your keys needed updating, you had to buy a completely new device.” “The Crypto Seed Capsule’s unique design provides storage of up to 120 words – five times its nearest competitor, and allows the users to stamp and insert new stainless steel strips should their keys change,” he continued.

The Crypto Seed Capsule is designed to hold up to ten (10) keys, each on its own stainless steel strip. Each strip can hold a 12 word seed phrase of 4 characters each and up to 50 characters plus spaces in total. By simply using two strips (100 characters plus spaces in total) it can accommodate any 12, 18, 20, 24 & 25 word BIP39 recovery seed phrase. There is also space inside the capsule for other valuables such as gold and silver coins; jewelry and documents.

Built to last, the capsule is constructed of a rugged, aluminum extrusion and durable 304 stainless steel. It is moisture and corrosion resistant; pressure and crush resistant; and electrical shock proof. In addition, the stainless steel seed phrase strips can withstand extreme heat up to 2192 °F which is more than double the average house fire.

Made in the USA, the complete unit comes in an attractive all black aluminum finish with plain black, gasketed end caps, stamping guide block and 10 stainless steel strips. Beautifully engraved gold Bitcoin logo or silver Ethereum end caps as well as a metal letter stamping die kit are available as options. Note: Requires an ordinary hammer not included.

For more information about the Crypto Seed Capsule, please phone toll free 1-800-257-5911.

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